In our won­der­ful day care centre, we dis­co­ver and explore the world tog­e­ther and
sup­port the child­ren ent­rus­ted to us with our best to help them deve­lop cheerful,
socially com­pe­tent, self-con­­fi­­dent and eager to learn personalities.
Significantly com­mit­ted, qua­li­fied and empa­the­tic tea­chers do their best to ensure
that all child­ren feel com­for­ta­ble, safe and secure with us.

With a full heart, under­stan­ding and pro­fes­sio­na­lism, we make it pos­si­ble that
STUGGIKIDS have a holistic edu­ca­tion and respect­ful upbrin­ging. Through child-
ori­en­ted pedagogy, we fos­ter and streng­t­hen the indi­vi­dual needs and inte­rests of
each child. We give a sense of secu­rity and value towards the little ones, thereby
crea­ting the hig­hest level of trust.
Our com­pre­hen­sive range of ser­vices offers the par­ents of our little ones an opti­mal work-life balance.


•  2 crè­che groups, each with 10 child­ren bet­ween 8 weeks and 3 years old
•  2 kin­der­gar­ten groups with 20 child­ren bet­ween 3 and 6 years old
•  Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 7.30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
•  Centrally loca­ted in a quiet area
•  Only 22 clo­sing days per year
•  Crèche and kin­der­gar­ten with two sepa­rate spa­cious gardens
•  Easy to reach, also by public transport
•  Mealtimes: bre­ak­fast, lunch and 2 snacks (wee­kly menu sam­ple)
•  New buil­ding with modern and high-qua­­lity equipment
•  Structured daily rou­tine (wee­kly plan sam­ple for crè­che and kin­der­gar­ten)

•  An addi­tio­nal com­mu­ni­ca­tion tool via parent app KigaRoo as a direct contact
bet­ween STUGGIKIDS and par­ents or among par­ents themselves.



We as a team are not only cha­rac­te­ri­sed by the fact that we come from all over the world and speak dif­fe­rent lan­guages bes­i­des German. We also employ trai­ned early years edu­ca­tors, qua­li­fied child­hood and social pedago­gues as well as busi­ness economists.

Various addi­tio­nal qua­li­fi­ca­ti­ons, such as social worker, occup­a­tio­nal the­rapy trai­ning, parent coach or expe­ri­en­ced pedago­gues accord­ing to §8a SGB VIII round off our broad spec­trum of pedago­gi­cal knowledge.

Within the team, our broad expe­ri­ence in the areas of inclu­sion, par­ti­ci­pa­tion, deve­lo­p­men­tal psy­cho­logy, vio­lence pre­ven­tion, daily inte­gra­ted lan­guage deve­lo­p­ment, move­ment, etc. helps us guide each child individually.

Our team is com­ple­ted by a home eco­no­mist, trai­nees, FSJ (vol­un­te­ers), interns and lots of hel­ping hands.

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