We are loo­king for you!

Early years practitioner, child-care teacher, early learning teacher

If you are inte­res­ted to work in a new faci­lity with modern archi­tec­ture, out­stan­ding equip­ment, and a highly moti­va­ted team, then you found the right place!

We offer a variety of attrac­tive frame­work con­di­ti­ons that reward your work with us
every day:

- You have the chance to play a decisive role in designing our day care centre
- We all work tog­e­ther in an equal team – an extra­or­di­nary, inno­va­tive pedago­gi­cal con­cept
- A lot of free­dom for the imple­men­ta­tion of your own ideas
- An employ­ment con­tract of inde­fi­nite dura­tion
- A wide range of pos­si­bi­li­ties to com­bine family and career
- State-of-the-art equip­ment, not only for child­ren, but also for employees, such as our electric day care buses
- A cen­tral place with excel­lent trans­port con­nec­tions
- A com­pany car
- Regular work­shops and trai­ning
- Attractive bene­fits, indi­vi­du­ally tailo­red to each employee
- We sup­port you in your search for accom­mo­da­tion and offer you sui­ta­ble ren­tal offers
- We do ever­ything we can to ensure that you are sup­por­ted in your daily work, from a health care per­spec­tive (for example, through rai­sed cots, electric   kin­der­gar­ten bus, health cour­ses, …)
- pay­ment accord­ing to TVöD-SuE with addi­tio­nal bene­fits
- 30 days holiday

Our day care centre is descri­bed as follows:

- Two-storey day care centre, with two crè­che groups loca­ted on the ground floor and two kin­der­gar­ten groups on the upper floor
- An attrac­tive out­door area with two sepa­rate gar­dens for the crè­che and kin­der­gar­ten 
- Opening hours from 7:30a.m. to 6:00p.m., the respec­tive working hours is divi­ded into dif­fe­rent shifts
- The child­ren are part of a fixed group
- We struc­ture the day accord­ing to a time­ta­ble
- We use the immer­sion method to pro­mote bilin­gua­lity, each practitioner/​​teacher com­mu­ni­ca­tes in eit­her German or English
- We’re going on a variety of trips each week

What we expect from you:

- Individual and sen­si­tive accom­p­animent and care of the child­ren accord­ing to our pedago­gi­cal con­cept
- Promoting holistic deve­lo­p­ment by streng­t­he­ning the indi­vi­dual needs and inte­rests of the child
- Respect and respect for the indi­vi­dua­lity of the child
- Work accord­ing to the "Orientation Plan for Education in Baden-Württemberg Kindergartens and Other Day Care Centres"
- Further deve­lo­p­ment of our day-to-day rou­tine
- Taking care of orga­niz­a­tio­nal and pedago­gi­cal tasks respon­si­bly and inde­pendently
- Observing the child­ren regu­larly
- Writing sum­ma­tive assess­ments and having regu­lar mee­tings about the children’s deve­lo­p­ment with the parents

What we expect from you:

- Individual and empa­the­tic sup­port and care for the child­ren in accordance with our pedago­gi­cal con­cept
- Encouraging holistic deve­lo­p­ment by streng­t­he­ning the child’s indi­vi­dual needs and inte­rests
- Respect and respect for the indi­vi­dua­lity of the child
- Work accord­ing to the “ori­en­ta­tion plan for edu­ca­tion and upbrin­ging in kin­der­gar­tens and other day-care cen­ters in Baden-Württemberg”
- Further deve­lo­p­ment of our ever­y­day fur­nis­hing
- Responsible and inde­pen­dent assump­tion of edu­ca­tio­nal and orga­niz­a­tio­nal tasks
- regu­lar obser­va­tion and docu­men­ta­tion of the child­ren
- the plan­ning and imple­men­ta­tion of parent-tea­cher mee­tings wit­hin the frame­work of the edu­ca­tio­nal partnership

What you bring:

- Enjoying the work with child­ren, par­ents and in a team
- A qua­li­fi­ca­tion in child-care which enab­les you to work with child­ren
- Experience in working with child­ren under the age of three (crè­che) or bet­ween the ages 3 to 6 years old (kin­der­gar­ten)
- Being respon­si­ble
- The abi­lity to reco­gnize the dif­fe­rent needs and inte­rests of the child­ren and to react accordingly/​​adequately
- Enjoy dealing with dif­fe­rent characters

Please con­tact us at bewerbung(at)stuggikids.de if we were able to spark your
inte­rest. We’re loo­king for­ward to hea­ring from you.

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