About our facilities and equipment

Digital Media and Media Literacy Education

The ques­tion of whe­ther digi­tal media should play a role in kin­der­gar­ten is being highly and often emo­tio­nally dis­cus­sed. We do not advo­cate child­ren to use digi­tal media on a daily basis. For us, digi­tal media should rather be complementary.

We use digi­tal media in various ways in our pro­jects as part of our pedagogy, enab­ling the child­ren to explore and use them in a crea­tive way.

In addi­tion to tablets, lap­tops, music boxes and came­ras, the inter­ac­tive pro­jec­tor is a par­ti­cu­larly fasci­na­ting tool to the child­ren. Whether used in the pre­school pro­gram or for a vir­tual wall pain­ting, it offers ple­nty of exci­ting oppor­tu­nities for every child. The child­ren enjoy watching our self-made videos e.g. of our Christmas per­for­man­ces in an exci­ting cinema atmosphere.

Safety mea­su­res for the child­ren and the team

Our day care centre is not only bar­­rier-free but we also have equip­ment which meets the latest tech­ni­cal stan­dards. In addi­tion, our con­struc­tion teams avoided sharp cor­ners and edges whe­re­ver possible.

Fire pro­tec­tion plays a pro­mi­nent role in any edu­ca­tio­nal insti­tu­tion. Our faci­lity is equip­ped with an in-house fire warning sys­tem which we obviously hope will never be nee­ded and the escape route signs are espe­cially desi­gned to be easily reco­gniz­able for young children.

Fire extin­guis­hers are pla­ced in a height easily acces­si­ble for adults, but yet not reach­a­ble by children.

In order to make sure only aut­ho­ri­sed per­sons have access to the buil­ding, we are equip­ped with a video sur­veil­lance sys­tem. When the door­bell is rung, our team mem­bers can visua­lise the image on their smart pho­nes or tablets. In addi­tion, we have CCTV in cen­tral areas of our facility.

We are very plea­sed that our day-care centre is bar­­rier-free and sui­ta­ble for wheel­chairs. Our buil­ding was desi­gned in a way in which cor­ri­dors enable easy pas­sage for wheel­chairs. We also have an inter­nal lift, which not only makes our daily work easier, but also enab­les STUGGIKIDS to wel­come child­ren with disabilities.

Another mea­sure for acci­dent pre­ven­tion is that all exte­rior and inte­rior doors have anti-pinch pro­tec­tion. This signi­fi­cantly redu­ces the risk of injuries.

Noise pro­tec­tion

The daily noise in a day-care centre – espe­cially high pitch fre­quen­cies – can quickly become a strain on ever­y­body. We want to make sure that both tea­chers and child­ren are pro­tec­ted as much as pos­si­ble from loud noi­ses. To do so, our buil­ding is equip­ped with high-qua­­lity sound insu­la­tion on walls and cei­lings and the tables in the dining room have sound absor­bing surfaces.


Our day-care centre offers extra bright and wel­co­m­ing rooms. We all know how essen­tial sun light is for our well-being and men­tal health. Our floor-to-cei­­ling win­dows and vision panels in our inte­rior doors let the sunshine in and con­tri­bute to our children’s and team mem­bers’ hap­pi­ness. Let the sunshine in….!


All our furniture’s designs are cus­to­mi­sed. Ergonomic and height-adjus­­ta­­ble chairs are par­ti­cu­larly important to us. Every STUGGIKID in the kin­der­gar­ten can adjust his or her chair indi­vi­du­ally. In the crè­che, these chairs can be equip­ped with back­rest and belts in addi­tion, so that ever­yone can be sea­ted comfortably.

Our tables can also be adap­ted to the cor­re­spon­ding chair heights, the­re­fore, ensu­ring com­for­ta­ble sit­ting. However, our chairs are not only a means for sea­ting as they can also be used as buil­ding blocks in the phy­si­cal acti­­vity-room such as a marble run, land­s­cape for move­ment or as a theatre set­ting. A fun factor!

Another important aspect: our high-qua­­lity woo­den fur­ni­ture is not only easy to clean and main­tain, but also so light and stack­able that the STUGGIKIDS can easily lift them them­sel­ves. The tables are desi­gned to slide under­ne­ath or above one ano­t­her. Rapidly, a room full of chairs and tables can be tur­ned into an open space for play­ing and dan­cing – with the help of the children.

In the crè­che area, we put a lot of thought into the slee­ping arran­ge­ments. We opted for see-through bunk beds which allow the todd­lers to meet the tea­chers as equals and older child­ren can get in and out auto­no­mously. As the beds are at a cer­tain level from the floor, our team mem­bers don’t need to bend down and the­re­fore can rest their backs. We all love these inge­nious bunk beds!

With our electric buses, equip­ped with sun and rain roofs, we can tra­vel com­for­ta­bly up and down the nume­rous hills of Stuttgart with a group of six children.

An exten­sive num­ber of prac­ti­cal fea­tures, such as adjus­ta­ble ergo­no­mic seats, height-adjus­­ta­­ble headrests, and hand­le­bars as well as spe­cial baby seats bring fle­xi­bi­lity, safety and fun during all our out­door activities.

The low entry step of our bus which is cove­red with non-slip tread mats pro­vi­des safe access and helps our super­vi­sors to keep an eye on ever­yone. Thanks to our bus with open or clo­sed roofs, we can reach almost every cor­ner with all our todd­lers and small child­ren on board.   


Ever since during the con­struc­tion phase, we value and prio­ri­tize the impor­t­ance of the above-average hygie­nic equip­ment, which is of course gives us bene­fit now. The ven­ti­la­tion and air-cir­­cu­la­­tion sys­tem as well as sup­ple­men­tary air clea­ners fil­ter the harm­ful sub­s­tan­ces and viru­ses in the air.

Touch-free dis­in­fec­tant, soap and paper towel dis­pen­sers are popu­lar and liked by the child­ren and also ensure the lowest pos­si­ble trans­mis­sion of bac­te­ria, viru­ses and fungi.

Our floor which is desi­gned with the natu­ral rub­ber floo­ring makes it hygie­nic and easy to be clea­ned. We are also con­cer­ned in using the was­ha­ble fur­nis­hing items. In addi­tion, we only use natu­ral fiber rugs to sit on to make the morning cir­cle or play­ing comfortable.

Other equip­ment

We also make sure that our toys and craft mate­ri­als are made of nont­o­xic sub­s­tan­ces. Thus, we incre­a­singly rely on smal­ler manu­fac­tu­rers that pro­duce high qua­lity mate­ri­als accord­ing to our spe­ci­fic items request.

It is also essen­tial to us to sen­si­tise the STUGGIKIDS to our envi­ron­ment and to streng­t­hen their awa­reness of our eco­sys­tem. We do our best to pro­mote the sus­taina­bi­lity, for example by using child-friendly cloth nap­kins or doing waste sepa­ra­tion even in the group room.



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