Doing the regu­lar visits to the resi­den­tial care home for elderly enable the STUGGIKIDS to get in touch with the elderly people by play­ing, sin­ging and doing inter­ge­nera­tio­nal lear­ning tog­e­ther. Even though during the corona pan­de­mic, we keep up this coope­ra­tion and regu­larly bring small pic­tures and han­di­c­rafts made by the child­ren to put a smile on elderly people’s faces, espe­cially in dif­fi­cult times.

In coope­ra­tion with the Wohlfahrtswerk as well as the International Bund, our team is sup­por­ted by young adults doing a so cal­led frei­wil­li­gen sozia­len Jahres  or social year vol­un­tary, which makes the children’s day-to-day life even more colourful.

We STUGGIKIDS are also par­ti­ci­pa­ting in the kin­der­gar­ten of the Bewegungspass from the respec­tive insti­tu­tion, Amt für Sport und Bewegung. This enab­les a prac­ti­cal con­cept for fos­te­ring the tar­ge­ted play­ful children’s move­ment activities.

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As a mem­ber of the Verband freier unab­hän­gi­ger Kindertagesstätten Stuttgart, our inte­rests are also repre­sen­ted by this asso­cia­tion. Here we have many years of know-how at our dis­po­sal, which we are happy to draw on.

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