Creativity in children’s ever­y­day lives invol­ves more than just han­di­c­rafts and, with the sen­sory expe­ri­en­ces it ent­ails, is already ele­men­tary for the youn­gest child­ren. Experimenting with colours and shapes, slip­ping into other roles, and actively grasping their envi­ron­ment with all their sen­ses enab­les child­ren to deve­lop their thin­king in images, ima­gi­na­ti­ons, and fan­ta­sies. Children expe­ri­ence their self-effi­­cacy and show us their inner world as well as their per­cep­tion of the world through their art­work and ima­gi­na­tive role play. For us, the focus is not on pre­sen­ta­ble per­fec­tion but the free deve­lo­p­ment of indi­vi­dual expres­si­ve­ness and per­so­na­lity. We offer a pre­pa­red space, enough time for new impul­ses and access to a variety of mate­ri­als and techniques.

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