Our feelings

From birth, babies com­mu­ni­cate with their emo­ti­ons. This plays a very important role in people’s lives, as fee­lings affect the body, psy­che, beha­viour, social inter­ac­tions and cogni­tive deve­lo­p­ment. Children also already expe­ri­ence a wide range of emo­ti­ons in their day­care cen­tres throughout the day. For example, very young child­ren are some­ti­mes blindsi­ded by cer­tain fee­lings for the first time, such as during a con­flict with their peers.

We, as pro­fes­sio­nals, accom­pany the child­ren every day in a sen­si­tive and loving way in their indi­vi­dual expe­ri­en­ces, per­cep­ti­ons, and dealing with their fee­lings. Emotions are not only addres­sed and dis­cus­sed in the group room but are also encoun­te­red daily by indi­vi­dual child­ren and the ent­ire group as an essen­tial fun­da­men­tal theme in the ent­ire daily rou­tine. Here we sup­port and encou­rage the child­ren to per­ceive, under­stand, show, and ver­ba­lize all their fee­lings and help them clas­sify bet­ter and regu­late them­sel­ves. Through various emo­tio­nal expe­ri­en­ces, child­ren become more con­fi­dent, capa­ble, and self-assu­­red in their inter­ac­tions with others, espe­cially in dealing with chal­len­ging and stress­ful situations.

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