Beautiful Stuttgart!

For us STUGGIKIDS, our ambi­tion is to bring the child­ren clo­ser to the city they live in, the beau­ti­ful sur­roun­dings and all that our nature has to offer. For this pur­pose, one fixed day a week is sche­du­led as our field trip day. On this day, we usually leave the day­care after bre­ak­fast, stay out for at least an hour, and get to explore all kinds of exci­ting pla­ces. 

The crè­che also likes to go on field trips once a week, with alter­na­ting days. In addi­tion, our electric Kitabus enab­les even the youn­gest child­ren to explore fasci­na­ting Stuttgart.

Whether it is „clim­bing“ the TV tower, a gui­ded tour of the „Junges Schloss“ or sim­ply a visit to the mar­ket, our child­ren are always extre­mely exci­ted and look for­ward to our trips all week. This brings our child­ren a lot of variety to the day-to-day day­care rou­tine, and they get to expe­ri­ence many new things every week. It is espe­cially important to teach them how to behave appro­pria­tely in public spaces, public trans­port, and traf­fic. Also, sim­ply run­ning and rom­ping in the castle gar­den is fun and trains the per­cep­tion in an open area.

We often bring some­thing back from our field trips, for example, fruit from the mar­ket, which we then use to bake a deli­cious and healthy cake in our edu­ca­tio­nal kit­chen. In this way, we enrich the day­care centre’s ever­y­day life and our pedago­gi­cal (edu­ca­tio­nal) work in many ways with a field trip day.

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