This is the way we brush our teeth, brush our teeth…

One of the first steps to nur­ture your child’s health and self-care is while chan­ging their nap­pies. Therefore, we take our time to change each nappy and make the expe­ri­ence into an edu­ca­tio­nal acti­vity. The stairs at the chan­ging table enable the child­ren to climb onto the chan­ging mat them­sel­ves under super­vi­sion. This pro­mo­tes inde­pen­dence and takes the strain off our backs.

We’re sup­por­ting the child­ren when they are ready to take off their nap­pies and start potty trai­ning. Our „mini-toi­­let“ helps the child­ren with their potty trai­ning as its size is spe­cially adap­ted to small children.

Washing hands also need to be prac­ti­sed, which is why we have sinks at dif­fe­rent heights, as well as con­ta­ct­less soap and paper towel dis­pen­sers that the child­ren can ope­rate independently.

It goes without say­ing that the STUGGIKIDS brush their teeth after lunch. In the crè­che, we gently intro­duce the child­ren to the use of tooth­brushes; howe­ver, this is done without tooth­paste. Our older ones are very inde­pen­dent when brushing their teeth: They get their tooth­brush and cup by them­sel­ves from their own per­so­nal hygie­nic tooth­brush cup­board. However, our staff helps with dis­pen­sing the tooth­paste not to waste too much.

And then we can start: „This is the way we brush our teeth, …“ 

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