High Level of Quality

At STUGGIKIDS, all tea­chers fol­low the same deve­lo­p­men­tal frame­work. We set qua­lity stan­dards and objec­ti­ves which are reviewed regu­larly. Our frame­work inclu­des a docu­men­ta­tion of every child’s abi­li­ties and skills on the one hand and a regu­lar docu­men­ta­tion of every child’s daily rou­tine and acti­vi­ties in the form of port­fo­lios on the other.

The obser­va­tion tool we use to reveal the children’s deve­lo­p­ment is inspi­red by Kuno Beller’s “Development table” and the English „Early years foun­da­tion stage“. It allows a com­pre­hen­sive obser­va­tion of all deve­lo­p­men­tal areas of the child­ren at STUGGIKIDS. Over the course of a year, every child is obser­ved several times by dif­fe­rent tea­chers in order to obtain as com­pre­hen­sive a pic­ture as pos­si­ble of the children’s abi­li­ties, inte­rests and needs. Through these obser­va­tions which we reflect on in the team, we plan acti­vi­ties for each child which we carry out every day in a play­ful way.

The port­fo­lio we use is a pro­gres­sive obser­va­tion method ori­gi­nally deve­lo­ped in New Zealand. When a child joins the STUGGIKIDS, he or she recei­ves a fol­der. Over time we keep track of all expe­ri­en­ces, excur­si­ons and acti­vi­ties in words and pic­tures as a deve­lo­p­men­tal record. This will be a won­der­ful recollec­tion of the child’s STUGGIKIDS jour­ney and an inte­res­ting insight into our daily work and the child’s deve­lo­p­ment for the parents.

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