I can do this by myself

From birth, child­ren face chal­len­ges that they have to cope with more and more inde­pendently. In line with Maria Montessori’s motto, „Help me to do it mys­elf“, they are depen­dent on out­side sup­port to be streng­t­he­ned in their self-effi­­cacy and inde­pen­dence. Children often mas­ter a lot more than one would give them credit for.

According to indi­vi­dual needs and abi­li­ties, the STUGGIKIDS open spaces of expe­ri­ence in which the child­ren can test them­sel­ves and their skills, over­come new hurd­les and prac­tice and deve­lop their skills through con­stant repe­ti­tion. Personalized Stickers help even the youn­gest to find not only their peg space but also their cup, their change of clothes, their port­fo­lio fol­der, their tooth­brush and their works of art. Child-friendly fur­ni­ture at eye level enab­les inde­pen­dent play and lets the child­ren choose their desi­red play mate­ri­als thems­elf, set­ting the table or clim­bing up the children’s stair­case to the chan­ging table inde­pendently. There is a drinks trol­ley that lets the child­ren access their cups at all times during the day, as well as sinks and toi­lets at dif­fe­rent heights.

The inde­pen­dence of the STUGGIKIDS is also pro­mo­ted by our loving staff in ever­y­day situa­tions. We give them the space and the necessary trust in their abi­li­ties to try them­sel­ves out and deve­lop. These varied expe­ri­en­ces enable the child­ren to deve­lop into self-con­­fi­­dent per­so­na­li­ties that can act inde­pendently in a wide variety of life situations.

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