Hit it!

Children deve­lop basic rhyth­mic and musi­cal skills by sin­ging and making music with and without instru­ments. In addi­tion, logi­cal thin­king gets sti­mu­la­ted, and com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills and lan­guage get pro­mo­ted through crea­ting music.

Through various pie­ces of music and songs, the STUGGIKIDS learn to reco­gnize ever­y­day struc­tures such as the morning cir­cle, which always begins with a good morning song, the clean-up pha­ses through a clean-up song or the begin­ning of lunch through a table song.

Even young child­ren can com­bine lin­gu­is­tic and cul­tu­ral bounda­ries to express their fee­lings and thoughts through music. Motor skills also get pro­mo­ted through move­ment ses­si­ons and dance to music, which is why music is used daily at STUGGIKIDS as an edu­ca­tio­nal tool for holistic development.

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