Get out in the green

It is in the child’s nature to explore the world with curio­sity. It does­n’t take much for a child to explore nature. However, a trip to the forest or park needs a safe space in the open air to pur­sue this need. That’s why we at STUGGIKIDS have two large and well-equi­p­­ped gar­dens. These sur­roun­dings invite the child­ren to play, explore, mea­sure their strength, and gather sen­sory expe­ri­en­ces in a natu­ral environment.

With field trips, adap­ted to the inte­rests of the child­ren, we go, for example, to the play­ground, to the „Kräherwald“, or go on small hikes through the vineyards.

For example, with the collec­ted tre­a­su­res from nature, we STUGGIKIDS, make crea­tive pic­tures from autumn lea­ves or craft with ches­t­nuts. In this way, we offer con­ti­nuing holistic edu­ca­tion with fun and enjoy­ment. 

Projects such as „From Caterpillar to Butterfly“ are also a very spe­cial expe­ri­ence for the STUGGIKIDS, where they can expe­ri­ence the won­ders of our nature up close and respon­si­bly with shi­ning eyes.

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