Soon I’ll be in school!

Here at STUGGIKIDS, our little ones are being encou­ra­ged as well as chal­len­ged in all the many dif­fe­rent fields of child­hood deve­lo­p­ment. Especially during the final year at the Kindergarten, we pro­vide a wee­kly pre­school pro­gram, which had been deve­lo­ped par­ti­cu­larly for this pur­pose. This pre­school pro­gram ser­ves to pre­pare the pre­school kids for their school career accord­ing to the fol­lowing fields of child­hood development:

- under­stan­ding of num­bers and mul­ti­tu­des, logi­cal rea­so­ning and spa­tial awa­reness (early under­stan­ding of mathematics)

- let­ters, first writ­ten words, fin­ger posi­tio­ning and swin­ging exer­ci­ses for wri­ting with a pen­cil (liter­acy, lan­guage promotion/​​training, motor trai­ning, rea­ding introduction)

- con­cen­tra­tion, per­sis­tency, self-con­­fi­­dence and self-esteem, frus­tra­tion tole­rance, social skills, fol­lowing rules and pro­ce­du­res (cogni­tive deve­lo­p­ment, social behaviour).

Our pre­school pro­gram is based on the „SCHLAUDINO – Freude am Lernen“ cur­ri­cu­lum (for fur­ther infor­ma­tion, see

The dif­fe­rent lear­ning units are struc­tu­red the same way so that our pre­school kids have the oppor­tu­nity to get used to the pro­ce­du­res and cha­rac­te­ris­tics of a school les­son. Furthermore, the lear­ning units are car­ried out both in German and English.

Our pre­school kids“ moti­va­tion as well as their natu­ral curio­sity are being encou­ra­ged by play­ful and expe­ri­men­tal acti­vi­ties, exer­ci­ses and task she­ets. Furthermore, we use dif­fe­rent mate­ri­als as well as our inter­ac­tive com­pu­ter pro­jec­tor, with which the kids can prac­tise wri­ting and rea­ding both num­bers and let­ters, pro­vi­ding a vary­ing lear­ning oppor­tu­nity for our pre­school kids. In order to ensure indi­vi­dual lear­ning sup­port, our skil­led team mem­bers match the tasks and exer­ci­ses to the indi­vi­dual deve­lo­p­ment state of each pre­school kid. For example, we use Legos, cars, ani­mals or other mate­rial, matching the children’s indi­vi­dual inte­rests to pro­mote both wri­ting and coun­ting; we try our best to make lear­ning liter­ally „gras­pa­ble“.

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